Author: Anna Cole

University dinner 1

Christmas Dinners

It must nearly be Christmas and the office festive dinners are in full swing. As ever there always seems to be a clash with everything happening at the same time. Yesterday was no exception and I had an admin team Christmas lunch at the university and a Psychology Department Christmas dinner in the evening. I...

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Borth sunset 1

Reminders of Home

I have lived in West Wales for a long time and pretty much fell in love with it from the first day, but before coming to university in Aberystwyth I lived on the Isle of Man which is also a very lovely place to live. I’ve always thought the Isle of Man and Aberystwyth are...

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Feed Station 1

Tough Mudder – A spectators perspective         

So, Alan had signed up to do a Tough Mudder with one of my friends Rebecca. There was quite a lot of information out there on what to expect for the competitors but not much for the spectators so I wasn’t sure what it would be like. I am used to watching/supporting at triathlons and...

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Ifan Solo 3

Brass Extravaganza review

What a day! I spent most of Saturday at the Brass Extravaganza in Aberystwyth.  This has been a few months in planning and a lot of hard work behind the scenes but the day was finally here and fingers crossed…touch wood…everything would run smoothly. Youth Competition The Brass Extravaganza started off with a Youth Solo and...

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Parkin 2


This is Parkin.  He’s not our cat but he has been hanging around our house for quite a while.  He’s always very timid and just looks like he would like a decent meal so we started feeding him alongside Robbie (our cat) whenever he turned up. Recently we hadn’t seen him for a while and...

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Slow Cooker 1

Slow Cooker Recipes

We’ve had a slow cooker for years and I have to admit it is lovely to head out for the day (whether that is off for a walk in the hills with Alan and Morgan or just a day at work) and have tea all ready to go when you walk through the door.

I have only ever made stew in our slow cooker. I have played with the variety of stew and we’ve had some lovely beef, pork and leek, beef and ale and chicken stews over the years…

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Capten Comins 0

Capten Comins

Morgan’s school had a competition to design a new logo for ‘Capten Comins’ to remind everyone in the school to turn off the lights when not in use. It was organised by the school Eco-Council and everyone in the school had the chance to enter. Morgan came up with a good idea of using the...

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Pancakes for Lunch 1

A happy minecraft lego, yellow pancakes birthday!

We had a nice day at home for Morgan’s birthday – a bit more chilled than a typical day with Alan but we had fun all the same. It started with lego building then we were off to feed the chickens. Morgan was very impressed to find an egg and even more impressed that we...

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