Is that the Spring that I See?

I don’t think anyone would deny that we’ve had a fairly awful winter so far this year. It hasn’t been cold yet, but it’s just been wet, windy and miserable. There does seem to be hope on the horizon though.

There’s a brief respite in the stormy weather today, the wind has gone and it isn’t raining at the moment which is about the best we can hope for it seems. Some of the waters have receded in the garden and I  managed to get around out there to asses the damage this morning. The wind has wrecked a couple of sheds and there are plenty of repairs to be made. I did a little bit of clearing up of debris but don’t want to do too much out there as the ground is still sodden underfoot. Once it all dries out there will be plenty of time for tidying up and preparing for summer. I’m not sure which of the plants will make it through and which ones won’t, but it is reassuring to see some of the first signs of Spring.

The Hellebores are flowering well and have been for over a month now.



The first of the Narcissus are out, and crocuses are flowering too.

Hopefully if the bees get out flying at all then the crocuses and hellebores will be of use to them. At the moment though the bees are being fairly sensible by staying tucked up in side their hives. I did check on them last week and top up their supplies of fondant. Hopefully that will keep them going until the weather improves and there are flowers and blossom galore out there for them.

The fields out the back are still pretty waterlogged mind you, and I guess we could still get a cold snap at any time which could spell disaster for them at this stage.

Waterlogged Fields

Waterlogged Fields

We do have a sea of green in parts of the garden where the poached egg plants are growing like weeds. I do need to keep them under control to a certain extent, but then again the bees love them once they start flowering so maybe it’s worth just letting them run rampant.

Sea of Green

Sea of Green


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