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Harbourside 1

Sheep Hunting in Bristol – Shaun in the City

We were at my parents house for the weekend ready for a large family picnic on Sunday, but had no real plans for Saturday. I went for a nice little early morning bike ride before breakfast. We then we decided that a game of Crazy Golf might be fun so phoned my brother Jay to see if...

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Dyfi Valley Pano 0

Finishing off the Geocache Chocolates

Monday was very wet and windy and almost wintry in nature. I managed a nice windsurf session though and then we all headed out in Aberystwyth and for a drive around the local country lanes setting up a treasure hunt for the Scouts. The plan is to invite the community to take part in the...

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Uphauling 1

A Weekend in Paradise – Windsurfing, Den Building and Tickle Rugby

You can’t beat a sunny weekend at home. Lots of chores and little jobs completed on Saturday and then plenty of time to enjoy the garden and pig out with a barbecue. Sunday dawned wet and windy though and the shed still leaks so I decided not to bother going for my usual Sunday morning...

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Morgan SUPing 1

A Family Stand-up Paddle Board Session

With summer in full swing and what looked like the best day of the week weather-wise it seemed a shame to work all day while the sun was shining so Anna and I arranged to finish at 3pm collect Morgan from school and then head to the beach. It would have been nice to go...

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Kayaking with the Scouts

We spent a nice evening courtesy of Aber Kayakers messing about on the water with the Scouts on Friday. The hot humid weather with thunderstorms threatening was just perfect and the gravel pits in Cwm Rheidol certainly looked inviting..As usual there was a fair bit of time spent sorting the Scouts out with buoyancy aids,...

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Caged 4

65th Birthday Party and a sunny day in Yate

Another Bank Holiday weekend over and done with, and another busy weekend for us. Immediately after Morgan had finished his race in the Aberystwyth Cycle Fest, we jumped in the car, dropped Morgans bike off at the University and then headed towards my parents house in Gloucestershire. We arrived in time for dinner and then had...

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Leri 6

Stand Up Paddle-Boarding on the Leri

I finally had the chance to take Morgan out for a Stand-up-Paddleboard session today. The conditions weren’t ideal as it was actually quite breezy, but we’d planned a session on the afternoon so that’s what we did. I went for an early morning swim, then did some work at home, followed by a mowing of...

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Are we nearly there yet? 0

Children’s Games for Car Journeys – Ratalingdong

That familiar cry of ‘Are we nearly there yet? Here’s a great game for children to help alleviate the boredom of long car journeys. We are fairly sure that my Grandad on my Mum’s side invented this game and we’ve yet to find anyone else who plays it so that could well be true. It’s...

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Pooh Sticks 0

A Day out in St Neots

Racing in Triathlons tends to take us to places we haven’t been before, and St. Neots in Cambridgeshire was one of these places. We drove down after school and work on Friday evening and arrived at a nearby Premier Inn which was to be our bed for a couple of nights. It was quite late...

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Blue Lagoon 0

Making the Most of Polling Day

Morgan’s school was closed on election day so that it could be used as a polling station. This seems silly to us as I’m sure a portacabin in the park adjacent to the school would be more than sufficient for a polling station rather than closing down the whole school, but Morgan obviously wasn’t complaining. Anna...

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