Author: Alan Cole


A Benefit of being 50!

There aren’t many plus sides to having reached the BIG 5-0. There is however one that I had been waiting for. Today I got confirmation of the fact in the post. To lay the foundations of the story, many years ago when I was a student I had to take out a student loan. Nothing...


World Map Completed

As promised, here’s a photo of the 3D Woden World Map now that I’ve completed it. There are a few more airplanes and boats that I could add but I think I’ll leave it as it is so that it doesn’t get too busy. It complements the Weather Clock perfectly in our hall.

Manx Tree Decoration 2

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights are up. It may be pretty dark and dreary out side but the Christmas lights always add some sparkle. We’ve gone with a similar layout to usual. We have moved the tree across a little so that it can be seen through the windows better. I think there might be an extra...

Travels 3

3D Wooden World Map

Most of my birthday surprises this year ended up on the wall in the Hall. One of them was an ‘Enjoy the Wood” 3D wooden World Map from my siblings. 3D Wooden World Map Installation After clearing a space on the walls in the hall by moving a painting into the living room I started...

Ynyslas Clouds 0

Wide Skies and Tall Clouds

There are some nice big Cumulonimbus clouds out there today. Blue skies in between the downpours and a brisk breeze, but quite mild for December. I picked a sunny interlude for a stroll down to the postbox and then back along the beach. The sunny interlude did mean that there were big clouds all around....

Redwood Grove 1

Queenswood Arboretum

Having not been out anywhere for about 9 months, there was quite a bit of excitement at the weekend. We haven’t seen any family at all this year, but that would change. The occasional phone call or Facetime call has been the only interactions we’ve had. Family Meet Ups Usually we would have been to...

Birthday Banner 2

Birthday Surprises

A Birthday Twist It’s always nice to get some birthday surprises. Mine started a day early this year with a twisted ankle on a run in the woods. Not the sort of surprise I was hoping for and it meant no training for a few days. Not ideal as I’d planned on doing a fair...


Walking Diffwys in the Rhinogs

Monday’s aren’t too bad really, especially when you can spend the day walking up Diffwys in the Rhinog mountains. We had an uneventful weekend. It was nice and I did manage to get out for a chilly and slightly damp bike ride on Saturday, followed by a surf ski. On Sunday it was time for...

New Curved Channel 1

Shifting Sandbanks

Early Morning Windsurf I popped out for an early morning windsurf session between the sandbanks in the estuary this morning. High tide was around 7am, but sunrise wasn’t until 8am so I couldn’t really get out before high tide. I therefore left it until it was getting light before heading to the estuary. I rigged...

Arans 2

Walking in the Dyfi Hills

Making use of my Annual leave I spent much of Wednesday Walking in the Dyfi Hills. Thanks to all of the weirdness of 2020 I’ve almost made it to the end of the year without taking my full compliment of Annual Leave. I can’t usually take it in term time. There wasn’t enough time to...