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Second Place 3

Urdd Eisteddfod 2016

Morgan’s school were being well represented at the Ceredigion Urdd Eisteddfod this year and Morgan himself was playing a solo on his cornet and in a brass ensemble. We all therefore went into school and work for a few hours on Friday morning and then headed off in the car to Theatre Felinfach, about an hours...

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River Leri from Source to Sea 1

Running the Length of the Leri – From Source to Sea

I couldn’t continue with my Wales Coast Path run today, so instead I created an adventure of a different type and decided to try running the length of the River Leri from source to sea. A Change of Plan My usual plan of a turbo trainer session followed by a Coast Path run had to...

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Mawddach Estuary 2

Llwyngwril to Talybont Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Llywngwril to Talybont Distance: 14.53 miles Elevation Gain Today: 454m Highest Elevation: 313m Time: 2:26:58 Av. Pace: 10:07 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: Max Heart Rate: Calories: 1583 Totals to Date Total Distance Completed: 77.27 miles Total Time: 13:34:56 Total Elevation Gain: 2904m Total Calories: 8067 Distance to go: 801 miles The plan for Saturday’s Coast...

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Storm Imogen

Storm Imogen has been raging all day. We knew it was coming and the winds and rains started last night, they soon reached the stage where we could no longer hear the TV over the noise of the storm so we retired to bed hoping for the best, having had various flood warnings. We’ve had...

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Soggy Selfie 2

Aberdovey to Llwyngwril Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Aberdovey to Llywngwril Distance: 14.12 miles Elevation Gain Today: 389m Highest Elevation: 174m Time: 2:25:13 Av. Pace: 10:17 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 127bpm Max Heart Rate: 154bpm Calories: 1311 Totals to Date Total Distance Completed: 62.74 miles Total Time: 11:07:58 Total Elevation Gain: 2591m Total Calories: 6484 Distance to go: 813 miles Another weekend and...

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Snowdonia National Park 4

Wales Coast Path Run Machynlleth to Aberdovey

Coast Path Vital Stats Machynlleth to Aberdovey Distance: 15.71 miles Elevation Gain Today: 664m Highest Elevation: 261m Time: 2:35:43 Av. Pace: 10:20 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 140bpm Max Heart Rate: 171bpm Calories: 1489 Totals to Date Total Distance Completed: 48.62 miles Total Time: 8:42:45 Total Elevation Gain: 2202m Total Calories: 5173 Distance to go: 825 miles Stage...

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Family Selfie 0

Lions in Borth

Early Morning Cycle Once again, no one else was silly enough to join me on an early morning bike ride in the rain, so I headed out just after 5:30am on my own. It was actually quite warm on Sunday morning but still raining and with a fairly strong wind too. Seeing as I usually cycle...

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Muddy Trails 1

Wales Coast Path Run – Tre Ddol to Machynlleth

Coast Path Vital Stats Tre Ddol to Machynlleth Distance: 11.24 miles Total Elevation Gain: 543m Highest Elevation: 153m Time: 2:08:28 Av. Pace: 11:26 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 133bpm Max Heart Rate: 158bpm Calories: 1237 Miles Completed: 32.91 miles Miles to go: 837.09 miles Stage 3 of my Wales Coast Path run project and today it was...

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Coast Path Selfie Borth 3

Welsh Coast Path Run – Aberystwyth to Borth to Tre Ddol

Coast Path Vital Stats Aberystwyth to Tre Ddol Distance: 11.78 miles Total Elevation Gain: 433m Highest Elevation: 116m Time: 2:03:41 Av. Pace: 10:30 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 138bpm Max Heart Rate: 161bpm Calories: 1248 Following on from my run along the Coast path from Llanrhystud to Aberystwyth last weekend, I thought I’d continue with it today with a...

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Coast Path Sign 1

Llanrhystud to Aberystwyth Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Llanrhystud to Aberystwyth Distance: 9.93 miles Total Elevation Gain: 562m Highest Elevation: 158m Time: 1:54:51 Av. Pace: 11:34 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 139bpm Max Heart Rate: 180bpm Calories: 1199 I’ve just got back from running along the Llanrhystud to Aberystwyth Coast Path. Not that unusual for me to be up to...

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Whale Removal 4

Ynyslas Beach Whale Removal

The beached Whale at Ynyslas has been removed today. I just so happened to notice a digger go past the house whilst I was vacuuming the living room and thought to myself that it was probably going to the estuary for a spot of whale removal. So, after my chores and an hour of easy...

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Looking Back at the Surf 0

Geocaching in the Hills

Day two of 2016 and we had to get Morgan out of the house again, so we had some nice easy almost drive by geocaching in the hills planned. Not much walking involved today just a quick cache and dash before heading into Aberystwyth so that Morgan could spend some of his Christmas money on...

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