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Busy Beach 1

Christmas SUP Surf Session

The Christmas Holidays continue and we’ve almost lost track of which day it is, but I remembered it was Sunday so ended up having a fairly busy day cycling, swimming SUP Surfing, walking on the beach and indulging! The Usual Sunday Morning It started like any other Sunday morning for me, up early at 4:30am and...

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Al and Vanessa 0

Boxing Day Swim

We’d been planning a Boxing Day Swim for weeks and as usual the list of people coming kept growing and growing – I was beginning to wonder if we’d have enough Christmas cake, mince pies and biscuits to go round as I’d invited everyone back here after the swim for warm drinks and cake to...

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Welsh Hills 0

Christmas Eve Activities

Christmas Eve Swim With Christmas Eve here, it was time to try to tire Morgan out a little so that he’d be able to get to sleep tonight before Santa came. I couldn’t sleep for some reason again so was up early, and Morgan was up quite early too, but we had some plans. So, after...

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Anna and Morgan 0

A Walk around Ynyslas

It seems like ages since we’ve seen the sun, but it made a brief appearance here on Sunday so we went for as little walk around Ynyslas. Christmas Treats for the Bees I’d already been out for an early morning bike ride and a swim and then had come home, done loads of chores and had even...

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What’s with the Weather?

Despite feeling fairly ill this morning and the fact that once again early on a Sunday morning it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale, I decided to ‘Man Up’ and go for my planned bike ride anyway. My reasoning was that I was up and out of bed, but I was feeling ill. However,...

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Wind Data 1

Very Autumnal Weather

After a slightly extended summer that seemed to last until November, we been having some decidedly autumnal weather over the past few days. The whole of the country and West Wales in particular has taken quite a battering from first Storm Abigail and then Storm Barney. My bike ride on Sunday morning was notable due to it’s wet...

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Wet and Wild Riding

I don’t usually train with other people, often because it doesn’t fit into my schedule or because other people don’t like to train at the same time as me, but recently I’ve started to organise an early morning ride on Sunday before the 9am swim session in Machynlleth pool. This means that we set off a 6:30am...

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Earthcache Day 0

A Geological Souvenir

It was International Earth Cache Day on Sunday, so as geocachers and geologists we couldn’t really not do a geological based Earth Cache to celebrate. Fortunately there was an Earth Cache that we hadn’t done at Devil’s Bridge so we saved it up and headed out there on Sunday afternoon for International Earth Cache Day 2015....

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Fantastic Fish Feast 2

Fantastic Fish Feast

More interesting Internet ‘illiteration’ as the sea keeps giving. After a week of sensational submarine swims in Aberystwyth, it was time for some fabulous fishy fun at the weekend. The clear starry skies that we enjoyed on Friday evening whilst playing in the dunes at Ynyslas with the Scouts had gone and our watery West Wales...

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Me Swimming 1

Sensational Swimming – A Secret Underwater Dawn

The days maybe getting shorter and summer maybe coming to an end, but we’ve had a sensational few days of open water swimming here in Aberystwyth. There has been no rain for a while and no wind either so the sea is super clear with amazing visibility. Although, starting the swim in moonlight means that...

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