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Mellow Surf 0

Mellow SUP Surf

Just a short video clip and a frame grab from what has to have been one of the mellowest surf sessions ever on Tuesday afternoon.

Back to Grey Skies 0

SUP Surfing, a Break in the Weather & Orchids

The amazing weather we’ve been having has finally changed and blue skies have been replaced by grey this morning on the beach. It’s still warm at 15ºC throughout the night, and yesterday we reached a maximum of 26.3ºC, the hottest temperature of the year so far. There was a little bit of swell too yesterday...


Summer Surf

Summer continues and Friday brought with it not only more wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures in the high teens but also some summer surf. So, after a short session on the turbo trainer and lots and lots of household chores we (Morgan and I) headed over to the beach form a summertime surf. We were due...

Swell Morning 1

Election Day at the Blue Lagoon

Morgan’s school was closed once again for polling on Thursday. So, as is now customary on election days we spent the day at the Blue Lagoon water park in Pembrokeshire with Morgan and two of his friends, Tom and James. I was up early as usual and was going to go for a bike ride,...

Glass Layer 1

Cracked Starboard SUP

Just a quick update about my cracked starboard SUP. I spoke directly to customer services yesterday, rather than through the retailer. As is always the case when on the phone they were helpful and polite but of course unwilling to commit to anything. I explained the mystery behind the whole thing and they decided that it was...

Crease 8

Mysterious Starboard SUP Damage

What was a lovely new Starboard SUP is now looking a little sad and in desperate need of repair. The last time I used it was back in December for a nice mellow surf SUP session in small waves here at Ynyslas. As you can see from the video in the blog post about this...

GoPro Mounting Accessories 3

GoPro Mounting Accessories

If you haven’t already noticed, I had a new GoPro Hero 4 Silver for Christmas, complete with lots of GoPro mounting accessories. I also had plenty of GoPro mounting accessories leftover from my previous GoPro camera. What I didn’t have was somewhere to keep them all, but Morgan had a nice silver carry case that...

Busy Beach 1

Christmas SUP Surf Session

The Christmas Holidays continue and we’ve almost lost track of which day it is, but I remembered it was Sunday so ended up having a fairly busy day cycling, swimming SUP Surfing, walking on the beach and indulging! The Usual Sunday Morning It started like any other Sunday morning for me, up early at 4:30am and...

Bass 1

Bass Fishing in Borth

Well, my first attempt at bass fishing in Borth turned out well.. Despite having a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold I started Saturday with an indoor turbo trainer ride and a run around the golf course and along the Leri. Then after a few chores I baked some egg custard tarts courtesy...