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TrainerRoad workout Goddard 4

TrainerRoad workout Goddard – A 2nd Attempt

I’ve just had a second attempt at the TrainerRoad workout Goddard. I tried this last week and couldn’t quite decide if I was having a slow recovery from illness or was just being lazy. I didn’t manage to finish the whole of the  workout last week. I cut out the last round of spin ups and then didn’t...

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Goddard 1

Slow Recovery or just Plain Lazy

I’m either having a slow recovery from my cold, or I’m just being plain lazy. Getting back into it After trying to get back into some training last week after having had a cold, I did OK for a few days but then over the weekend fell off the rails a bit again. Thursday’s swim...

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Weblog as Therapy 4

Weblog as Therapy

This weblog is many things. It’s the starting point for our amazing weblog book. Hopefully its’s entertaining, interesting, informative and useful. Some posts are fun, some are serious. It covers an eclectic range of topics, from baking to beekeeping, technology to triathlon or windsurfing to wildlife, it’s all here. It’s a journal of our life...

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TrainerRoad Workout Summary 0

Ultimate Turbo Trainer Set Up, Gadgets, Software and Workflow

I’m quite pleased with my turbo trainer set up, the software I use with it, the ‘workflow’ I have to record everything and the gadgets that I use to make this happen. I’ve mentioned many of them here in passing, but thought I’d write a post about the whole kit and caboodle. What I use, how it...

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8 Min FTP Test 0

FTP and MAF Tests – Gradual Improvements

Training had been going well for the past couple of months. As I posted a few weeks ago, I felt as though I was getting back in the groove and had been colouring in my training diary with a sea of green as I ticked off and completed workouts as scheduled. It’s all been mainly MAF zone...

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What’s with the Weather?

Despite feeling fairly ill this morning and the fact that once again early on a Sunday morning it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale, I decided to ‘Man Up’ and go for my planned bike ride anyway. My reasoning was that I was up and out of bed, but I was feeling ill. However,...

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Wet and Wild Riding

I don’t usually train with other people, often because it doesn’t fit into my schedule or because other people don’t like to train at the same time as me, but recently I’ve started to organise an early morning ride on Sunday before the 9am swim session in Machynlleth pool. This means that we set off a 6:30am...

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A Nice Ride Home

After our quick trip to Bristol and a lovely morning watching the mass ascent at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, I decided to cycle much of the way home. I drove from Bristol into Wales and on towards Crickhowell. Anna doesn’t really like driving on motorways so with the main roads done an onto typical welsh...

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Wide Skies 3

Geocaching Records on the Kerry Ridgeway

The Kerry Ridgeway – I’d never really heard much about it before and had never been there, but whilst looking for a suitable series of geocaches to find it cropped up in our searches and so an adventure was planned. Once again, geocaching was about to take us to a spectacular part of the country...

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Making Life and Adventure – Straight into a Headwind

I had to go to Conwy on Monday to deliver some website development consultancy to a client. It’s about a two hour drive from here and of course a two hour drive back, but you know me, that sounded a little boring so I decided to turn the whole thing into a bit of an adventure. Rather...

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