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Summer Sea Birds

After a few weeks of fairly miserable weather, and a horrible bike ride on Sunday morning in constant rain and murk, the weather took a turn for the better yesterday. An amazing contrast from cold, grey and wet to glorious sunshine and scorching temperatures. It reached 24.3ºC yesterday according to the Borth & Ynyslas Weather...

Bee Orchid 1

Orchid Assortment

Well, Sunday was a fairly dark, dreary and very wet day. Not much of a day really, but it was brightened by an orchid walk in the dunes. Led by Juliet Regan who we already knew from Beekeeping it was an interesting introduction to the world of orchids. There was quite a good turn out considering...

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SUP Surfing, a Break in the Weather & Orchids

The amazing weather we’ve been having has finally changed and blue skies have been replaced by grey this morning on the beach. It’s still warm at 15ºC throughout the night, and yesterday we reached a maximum of 26.3ºC, the hottest temperature of the year so far. There was a little bit of swell too yesterday...

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Snorkelling on Borth Reefs

I haven’t been able to swim since Christmas thanks to a shoulder injury so have been missing out on loads of clear water, early morning swims in Aberystwyth and hadn’t even been out around the reefs in Borth. I had some time to get out snorkelling on Borth reefs today though and what a treat it...

Coastal Scenery 6

Aberdaron to Morfa Nefyn Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Aberdaron to Morfa Nefyn Distance: 24.51 miles Elevation Gain Today: 1062m Highest Elevation: 149m Time: 5:21:46 Av. Pace: 13:08 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 124bpm Max Heart Rate: 168bpm Calories: 2493 Totals to Date Total Distance: 177.93miles Total Time: 34:01:04 Total Elevation Gain: 5509m Total Calories: 17,292 Distance to go: 704 miles I’d postponed my Aberdaron...

Adder ready to Strike 1

Snakes at Ynyslas

There’s almost always something interesting on my morning walk around the dunes. This morning it was the remnants of sand castles on the beach, the super-flat calm waters of the sea and an Adder. There are plenty of snakes in the dunes at Ynyslas, this one was out basking in the early morning sunshine.

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Bank Holiday Activities

Dawn Chorus in the Dunes That was a good bank holiday. My usual early start but for a change I didn’t get up immediately but lay in bed listening to the dawn chorus. The blackbirds and sparrows were in good voice and they were soon joined by Skylark too. I’m sure there were robins and plenty...

Fossil Tree Stump 1

Borth’s Submerged Forest

After a busy day at work on Friday I fancied a bit of a fresh air before Scouts so went for a walk along the beach where the submerged forest was looking good. I didn’t spot any 4,000 year old antlers though.


Sunset Timelapse

After all of the Timelapse photography with our new drive being built I thought I’d try some of a sunset. We do get amazing sunsets here so why not try to record some and share them with the world. Sunday was a gorgeous day and after a hectic weekend we finally had a bit of...