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Borth Sea Defences – Feb 26th

The weather has been good for work on the Borth Sea Defence Scheme. We have had a couple of really high tides over the last week or so but fortunately the weather was calm so it didn’t cause too many problems. The contractors did place some large rocks around the area that they park the...

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Looking South from the Top of Pennal Forest 1

Tarren Ridge MTB Ride Trail Guide

February 27th dawned grey damp and windy, but the Ystwyth-MTB club had a ‘proper wilderness’ ride on the agenda. Things weren’t looking too promising as we drove to meet in Machynlleth. The Tarren ridge that we were supposed to be riding was shrouded in dark grey clouds and didn’t look too inviting. Dave, John, Pete,...

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Conserving my Life Savings 2

Conserving my Life Savings

As a self-employed freelance website designer I don’t have a company pension plan so have been constantly squirrelling money away in a cash ISA which acts as my retirement fund.  Keeping ourselves true to the name of this weblog and  living a ‘Simple Life of Luxury’ where we work to live rather then live to...

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Harry Potter 0

Harry Potter in our Midst

It was Morgans 6th Birthday yesterday – Yep, 6 already! He had plenty of present as usual, a 1m Ozone Imp power kite from us, lots of Club Penguin things, a Ben 10 game, some Lego and a Harry Potter costume which he seems to have been living in ever since. We popped down to...

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Snowdrops 0

Spring is Here

It’s Saturday February 26th and I think we can say that Spring is definitely here. It’s been a  glorious sunny day, albeit with a cool breeze, and there are flowers in the garden. A couple of crocuses, the first of the daffodils with plenty of others soon to follow and some snowdrops. Everything else seems...

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Buying bees 0

Buying bees

‘Plan Bee’ is progressing well. We’ve been diligently attending the beekeeping course with the Aberystwyth beekeepers association. The lectures are good and we’ve been making new friends too. The coffee and cake is always a bonus as well. Morgan comes along with us at the moment, he sits there and plays on my iPad, but...

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I’ve written here several times about the importance of staying motivated as far as training or keeping fit goes. I’ve also posted plenty of tips to help with that such as: Buying new gadgets. Training with others. Making a habit of it. and many more. I tend to do these myself, maybe not consciously, but...

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