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Purple Sprouting Broccoli 0

Veggies Growing Well

The veggies are all coming on well. The purple sprouting broccoli is providing us with plenty of delicious purple florets that are not only tasty but have to bee good for us too. The wind isn’t helping the beans at the moment, but if the courgettes continue as they are at the moment we will...

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Bean Border with Courgettes 0

No Moths – Are you sure its May?

I put the moth trap out in the garden last night, but there wasn’t sign of a single moth in or around the trap this morning. Mind you, with temperatures down to less than 3°C and day time temperatures still struggling to get into double figures it really doesn’t feel like May out there. I’m sure...

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A Bed for Beans 1

A Bed for Beans

Things are growing well in the garden. It’s been pretty cold so far this month, but the April showers have been working wonders and things are growing well. The cherry tree is just about coming into blossom, we’ve been feeding well on the purple sprouting brocolli, the chives are about to flower and elsewhere everything...

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Courgette Seedlings 0

Conservatory Growing

Despite our wishes we don’t have a greenhouse yet so we’ve been making the most of the conservatory that we had built last year and have been raising some seedlings on the window-sills this Spring. The courgettes are coming on strong, as are some of the beans that we kept over from last years beans....

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A Thank-You to the Bees from Rowse Honey

I was contacted the other day by someone from Rowse Honey telling me that they were planning on planting loads of plants especially for honey bees around the country and asking if I’d like to get involved by helping to spread the word. The idea is that they’ll plant a lavendar plant in community gardens...

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Garden in Spring 0

A Weekend in the Garden

You can’t beat this time of year, especially when the weather is as good as it has been, and where better to spend it than in the garden. Everytime I go out there things seem to be coming on better than they were just a few hours prior. Plants are popping up everywhere and the...

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Alliums 1

Rise of the Alliums

It’s been a long wait, but the Alliums that I planted out (as part of a birthday present) back in October of last year are finally making an appearance. Every time I look at the little border along the conservatory there are more appearing. The edges of the border need tidying up and I could...

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Honey Bees on Crocuses 2

The Bees think Spring is Here

I mentioned the other day that the bees were busy. Well, they’re at it again, out enjoying the Spring sunshine and feasting on the pollen and nectar from out little patch of crocuses. As new beekeepers who are just coming out of their first winter with bees, it’s a lovely sight to see. It must...

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Crocus 0

The First Flowers of Spring

We may have had some of the coldest temperatures of the winter last week, and the rest of the UK is currently under a blanket of snow and ice, but not so here in West Wales. The temperature hasn’t got anywhere near freezing today, there hasn’t been any snow in sight and even that on...

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