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Alliums 1

Rise of the Alliums

It’s been a long wait, but the Alliums that I planted out (as part of a birthday present) back in October of last year are finally making an appearance. Every time I look at the little border along the conservatory there are more appearing. The edges of the border need tidying up and I could...

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Honey Bees on Crocuses 2

The Bees think Spring is Here

I mentioned the other day that the bees were busy. Well, they’re at it again, out enjoying the Spring sunshine and feasting on the pollen and nectar from out little patch of crocuses. As new beekeepers who are just coming out of their first winter with bees, it’s a lovely sight to see. It must...

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Crocus 0

The First Flowers of Spring

We may have had some of the coldest temperatures of the winter last week, and the rest of the UK is currently under a blanket of snow and ice, but not so here in West Wales. The temperature hasn’t got anywhere near freezing today, there hasn’t been any snow in sight and even that on...

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Autumn Garden 0

Autumn Garden

I do like this time of year, even the gardening is quite nice. OK it may seem like the end of the year as everything is dying back and the garden is beginning to look a little dreary but the tidying jobs are fun. Preparing the garden for winter feels a little like tucking a...

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Garden Pumpkin 0

Halloween is Coming

Halloween is nearly here so it’s time to pick the pumpkin that we’ve managed to grow in the garden this year. We’ve only managed to cultivate one, but it’s quite a big one so should be perfect for carving into a halloween pumpkin. I think we’re going to go with an ‘Angry Bird’ carving this...

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Narcissus Flowering 0


It may only be October, but we have some Narcissus flowers on their way already. Admittedly they are in the conservatory and have been grown as autumn flowering bulbs, but it’s nice to see them on their way already. These photos were taken on October 20th.

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Returning with Pollen 0

Busy Bees Making the Most of Autumn

During the recent winds you’d have been forgiven for thinking that there were no bees at all in the hives at the bottom of the garden. Wind, rain and bees don’t really mix so they were all hiding away in their hives and sitting out the storm. As soon as the winds drop though they...

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Alliums Galore 2

Alliums Galore

Autumn is here, so time to plant the bulbs ready for next year. Anna’s Mum kindly offered to buy me some Alliums for my birthday. My birthday isn’t until December but we couldn’t wait until then to plant them so I ordered some online and spent part of Wednesday afternoon in the garden planting them out....

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Crocus 0

Garden Colours

Autumn may be well and truly here, but there is still a splash of colour in the garden. As the leaves fall, the bright red stems of the Dogwood are becoming visible and this should remain a feature throughout the winter. There are still some flowers out there as well though. The Marigolds continue to...

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