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I’ve been meaning to play around with ‘MotionBased‘ for a while, but the fact that Brad (my little brother) now has a Forerunner 305 GPS unit and has been using motion based prompted me to give it a go and use it.

MotionBased is a ‘web application that translates GPS data into functional analysis and online mapping for endurance and outdoor athletes’. I’ve only started playing around so far but it seems to work well and integrates well with Firefox on my Mac. (It is unusual for things to works so well on a Mac as many things are PC only). Uploading the data from my Forerunner 305 has been easy and the routes are then there for all to see (they can be kept private if I’d prefer).

I won’t use Motion based in preference to Ascent (see my recent review of Mac based training software here) as I prefer having the data on my hard-drive rather than ‘in the cloud’ somewhere and without super-fast broadband browsing through such data on the web can be a little slow compared to using a standalone package on your own computer. Also, I don’t want the expense of paying for the Motion based subscription to unlock its full potential and store more than 10 routes. However as a way of sharing routes and analysing your data it is certainly good. It is full of features many of which I have yet to explore, it would be nice if you could embed a summary of an activity into a remote web page though so that I could include a summary of a route here, but as far as I can tell you can’t, so the next best thing is a link to a Mountain biking ride on Motion Based.

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