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A Long Drive to Heysham 2

A Long Drive to Heysham

We’ve just arrived in the Isle of Man after a long day travelling on Wednesday. I had a meeting in Aberystwyth in the morning and then went for a run before we started travelling up. My run went surprisingly well considering the fact that I’m not feeling at all like a ‘triathlete’ at the moment....

Isle of Man End2End 2012 0

Isle of Man End2End Photos

Anna found some photos of me online from the recent Isle of Man End2End Mountain Bike Race – SO here they are. Most are from the Southern Chronicle, the one of me crossing the grassy field was posted to Picassa by someone.

Sleepy Morgan 0

Isle of Man 2012

Phew, I think we’ve just about caught up after our whistle stop visit to the Isle of Man. The main reason for visiting the island this year was to attend the wedding of Andy and Natalie, but as the wedding fell on the same weekend as the Isle of Man End2End mountain bike race I...


Isle of Man End2End 2012 Photos

Whilst I was out riding the Isle of Man End2End on Sunday, Anna and Morgan were out there driving from one end of the island to the other trying to spot me as I rode past. The were also manning the camera and got a whole load of shots of riders as they flew past them....

Isle of Man End2End 3

Isle of Man End2End 2012 – Race Report

I hadn’t really intended to do the Isle of Man End2End MTB Race this year. I’ve been concentrating on Triathlons instead and have therefore hardly been out on a Mountain Bike at all. However, we had been invited to a family wedding on the island on Saturday Sept. 8th and the Isle of Man End2End...

Manx End2End Preparations 0

Manx End2End Preparations

As per usual my next ‘race’ has come around sooner than anticipated – The Isle of Man End2End Challenge take place this weekend. It’s a 75km mountain bike race from the Northern tip of the Isle of Man to the Southern tip with plenty of big hills in between. I’m not actually ‘racing it’ and...

Leaving Liverpool behind 0

Trip to the Isle of Man

As you can tell from recent posts our annual trip to the Isle of Man was a success. We drove from home to Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon and as usual arrived a couple of hours early for the boat so wandered around the newly refurbished dock front. It is much nicer than it used to...

Visiting Peel Castle 1

Isle of Man Castles and Heritage

Whilst on the Isle of Man this year we visited a couple of castles and tourist attractions. The good news is that as members of the National Trust, our National Trust card is accepted in Manx national Heritage sites giving us free entry. Free is always good but it actually means we enjoy them more....

Isle of Man E2E 2010 0

Isle of Man End2End 2010 Photos

I wasn’t able to take photos of the Isle of Man End2End as I was competing in it (read my race report here). However, Anna and Morgan were out at various points on the course to support and whilst they were there they took a load of photos – They may well have managed a...

Isle of Man End2End Route 0

Isle of Man End2End Route

Just thought I’d post my GPS route up from Sundays Isle of Man End2End. Not the fastest of times, but I had a great day out cycling from one end of the Isle of Man to the other along with 1400 other people. Click here for my full Isle of Man End2End race report.