Making the most of a Grim Day

Just from the record, I called the conditions right earlier in the week. I said it would be chilly for a Saturday Surf Ski and it was at 5ºC. Amazingly the sea temperature is still pretty warm at 11ºC though. It’s a good job really as my GoPro fell off at one point so I ended up swimming for a while to sort it out, all with just my 3/2mm summer suit on.

I said there would be decent waves and there with a super clean 2-3 foot swell running there was. I said the winds would be light too and they were. Perfect conditions in fact for a morning surf ski.

After that, it started raining but I had a two hour bike ride plan so I donned plenty of kit and headed out on my CX bike. First up was a little jaunt around the Bog, then it was off into Talybont Woods for a quick loop and then into Talybont and off up the valley on the southern side of the River Leri. At Bont Goch I then followed the road back down to Talybont and headed home around the other side of the bog. Nothing too massive, just a 22 mile gravel bike ride in the pouring rain.

Sometimes you just have to ignore the weather and get on with it.

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  1. Mum x says:

    I walked down one side of wotton high st and back up the other side popping into a few shops obviously. Does that count? All in the drizzly rain too.?

  2. Mark Williams says:

    Nice paddling Aland.

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