Islay – The Journey Home

We headed off from the cottage at around 7am and dropped Pat off at the airport before boarding the ferry to Kennacraig… We were of course early at both the airport and the ferry terminal so had to wait around a little, but once back on the mainland we put our driving heads on and set off…

We made one stop just South of Glasgow after driving for about 3 hours for some snacks and then another quick stop when we reached the Lake District for Diesel. The the engine managment warning light came on in my car so we limped off the motorway switched off the engine for a minute and then continued on our way… Not long after it came on again so we had another unscheduled quick stop before getting on our way again. the car was OK from here on in and me made good progress… Morgan was really good all the way, but just before Machynlleth he was sick so we had one more scheduled stop to clean that up abd then we were home… All in all we were travelling for about 14 hours so it was amazing that morgan was so well behaved.

Dave and Sarah treated us to dinner when we got back too which was nice as it saved us having to think about it.

All in all a good holiday, around 1200 miles of driving, 4 ferry crossing, over 70 miles of windsurfing, lots of walks, quite a few geocaches, some whisky, some Islay ale, Deer, Seals, Peacocks and lots of other wildlife, sandcastles, standing stones, chapels, crosses and the usual unforgettable Scottish island laid back lifestyle…. We really do like the Scottish islands and recommend them to anyone…. Shame we had to come back to work and millions (slight exaggeration) of e-mails etc.

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  1. islayinfo says:

    Hi Alan and Anna,

    I enjoyed reading your Islay Travelogue and have posted something about it on myIslay Weblog

    All the best

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