Isle of Man End2End 2010 Photos

  • IMG_6460
    Isle of Man E2E 2010
  • IMG_6525
    Isle of Man E2E 2010
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    Isle of Man E2E 2010
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    Isle of Man E2E 2010
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    Isle of Man E2E 2010
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    Isle of Man E2E 2010
  • IMG_6708
    Isle of Man E2E 2010
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    Isle of Man E2E 2010

I wasn’t able to take photos of the Isle of Man End2End as I was competing in it (read my race report here). However, Anna and Morgan were out at various points on the course to support and whilst they were there they took a load of photos – They may well have managed a good one of you.

I think it took Anna a while to get the hang of the speed of my camera so she often shot several in quick succession but the result are pretty good on some of the photos so I’ve added time to a photo gallery here: Isle of Man End2End Photo Gallery.

I haven’t been through and ordered them in the normal way by rider number as there weren’t hundreds and hundreds of them and many of them have several people in them so it wasn’t that easy to do. You’ll just have to trawl through them as you do elsewhere to see if there is one of you – Sorry about that!

Even some of the photos Morgan took on my compact camera were up to the job too so some of those are there as well.

I hope you like them, I hope there’s one of you and I hope you enjoyed the day – here are a few to whet you appetite but click here for the full Isle of Man End2End 2010 Photo Gallery.

The photos are obviously available in full size, hi-resolution format rather than the small compressed ones you can see on the web.

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