1 minute intervals on Turbo Trainer

I can’t get enough of these! I did my 1 minute intervals workout on the turbo trainer yesterday. Once again, I did them at 350 Watts the same as I did last week. Unsurprisingly the heart rate graph is almost identical.

Turbo Trainer Workout

Turbo Trainer Workout

It’s good to see how closely I can replicate a workout though as that is the whole point of training on a turbo trainer. The controlled conditions allow you to replicate workloads and do some very focused training. The plan is to do these 1 minute interval session once a week. I’ll stick at 350 Watts for a couple more and then give it a go at 360 Watts.

On the fitness front, I’m planning to start swimming again this week and may even go to a circuit class tomorrow. The fitness drive continues.

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