Our 15th Wedding Anniversary at Cae Hir Gardens

Quite how Anna has put up with me for 15 years I’ll never know. She has though, so we headed towards Lampeter on Wednesday morning for a day out together at Cae Hir Gardens. It wasn’t really a ‘day’ out to be fair, more an hour or so strolling around the gardens in the sunshine.

Garden & Tearoom
Garden & Tearoom

We had to do a few things in town first and then drove out in what was looking like a lovely summers day. We hadn’t been to these gardens before and it’s always nice to explore somewhere new. They were certainly very nice and as usual when visiting such places they tend to put your own gardening attempts to shame whilst giving us a few ideas to try as well.

There was nothing particularly spectacular about the garden but it is a pleasant place to be. It’s on quite a steep hillside and features well kept lawns between various herbaceous borders and beds all interspersed by a number of mature trees.

There are also a number of bonsai trees dotted around the place. I’ve got a thing about bonsai trees. I’ve had one or two indoor bonsai over the years but they usually succumb to cat attack or something else. I’ve therefore been meaning to try some outdoor native species as bonsai for years. This is what they have at Cae Hir. Again none of them were spectacular well groomed miniature versions of the real thing but some of them did look nice. Maybe I’ll finally get around to giving it a go myself as I do have an Oak seedling in a pot at the moment!

Bonsai Trees at Cae Hir Gardens
Bonsai Trees at Cae Hir Gardens

After our stroll around the garden we had a chat with one of the owners and a cream tea from the tea shop before heading home once again.

Back at home the wind was blowing so it was off to the beach for a windsurf for me before a nice beetroot and goats cheese salad for dinner followed by romantic Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, complete with pink heart shaped chocolates that I’d bought specially (who says romance is dead!) and a bottle of champagne.

Love Heart Ice Cream
Love Heart Ice Cream

Here’s to another 15 years, and lets hope we can still stroll around a garden together and that I get to go windsurfing on our 30th wedding anniversary as well.

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  1. Emily says:

    Lovely! Happy anniversary.

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