Birthday on the Beach

Amazing, I managed to get the 14 year old Morgan off his xBox and out onto the beach briefly, despite the fact that it was his birthday!

Birthday Boy on the Beach
Birthday Boy on the Beach

The temperature hit 18.7ºC here today, crazy temperatures for February. I was at home with Morgan so after some work jumped on the Turbo Trainer for a tough VO2max Interval workout. It was the first time I’ve finished one of these workouts successfully since updating my FTP a couple of weeks ago.

I then headed straight out to the estuary for a surf ski session. I was going to head out to the Bar for a repeat of yesterday’s session but the surf was much bigger today. The roar from the waves was monstrous as I approached and I felt pretty small out there on my own amongst the huge swells. I therefore thought better of it and headed back to the safety of the estuary. I paddled up past Aberdovey and on to the little beach at Panteidol. I stopped here briefly for a drink and to skim some stones in the sunshine. It was a glorious day and this was the perfect spot to be. I then paddled back across the estuary towards the Leri and then back to Ynyslas.

The afternoon was spent washing and polishing the van and then looking for the keys! I found them in the end and then managed to get Morgan to wander over to the beach with me. The sun was shining brightly through the spray and mist created by the the waves that were still crashing on the shore. Here’s another few photos of the birthday boy on the beach but I’ll post some other photos later.

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