A 3 Shower Day

Sometimes I can judge the success of a day by the number of showers I have. A normal day usually consists of about 2 showers. I generally do two training sessions or two sessions on/in the sea and have a shower after each one. Maybe a bike ride and a run, or an open water swim and a bike. Maybe a windsurf and a run, or any combination of things that I get up to – you get the picture.

Good days could be three shower days. I almost never have a shower just for the sake of a shower, it always follows a training session or a dip in the sea. 4 showers days are the days that memories are made of. They are few and far between at this time of the year but in the summer when the days are longer there’s always the chance of a 4 shower day.

5 shower days are rare but with good planning, an early start and plenty of commitment they can be had. Maybe a dawn patrol surf session, a bike ride, a surf ski a run and a final open water swim as the sun sets. Certainly a day to remember when I have a 5 shower day and one that leads to a good nights sleep too.

Today was a 3 shower day

Today was just a 3 shower day. Pretty good for this time of year though.

I was up at 5am to do a couple of hours work. I then stretched and foam rolled for a bit had breakfast and did some chores about the house before heading off for a run.

An hour and a half of running across fields, through Talybont woods and then splashing through the calf deep mud of Borth Bog. All followed by shower number 1.

Next I did some vacuuming, cleaned the hall (as I’d got some mud on the floor after such a muddy run) and then sat at my computer for a bit to do some more work.

I then washed and waxed the camper in the rain before wandering across to the beach to check on the surf. It looked pretty good so next on the schedule was a quick change into my wetsuit and then off to the beach again for a surf ski session playing in the waves. At least I had my GoPro set to video mode today.

This was of course followed by shower number 2 of the day.

It was now time for a late lunch which I ate sat at my computer doing some more website work. I also edited the above video. I then drove into Borth to collect Morgan before jumping on the turbo trainer for an hour or so. This of course turned me into a sweaty mess so shower number 3 was called for.

Dinner time, more household chores and then time to chill for the evening and help Anna with the Silver Band website. Not a bad day. A 3 shower day is always a good day, but squeezing one in on a work day is even better.

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  1. Mum says:

    You are truly crazy! Its now official

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