Geocaching in Llanafan

Sunday dawned wet and miserable and didn’t look good for our apiary safari in Llanafan. I was going to go for a ride but decided against it when I saw the weather. Instead, I got up and did lots of household chores and then baked a Greek Honey Cake ready for the afternoons beekeeping meeting. It turned out to be a very nice cake too, made with lots of our home produced honey which turns it into a sticky, moist cake that tastes a little like baklava.

I also managed to convince Anna and Morgan that we should head out along the Ystwyth Valley towards Llanafan earlier than we needed so that we could attempt a few geocaches before the beekeeping meeting. We got our beekeeping kit together, made a quick picnic and then stopped off at the shops for some more picnic fare before driving out to Trawscoed where we stopped at Black Covert woods for lunch. We then did a quick geocache near to the woods, overlooking the River Ystwyth, which thanks the overnight rain, was in full flow.

River Ystwyth

River Ystwyth

Next stop was supposed to be another cache a little way along the valley but we couldn’t find a suitable parking spot so instead drove the back way in Llanafan where we parked up and then went off wandering around the lanes looking for a couple of other caches. We found the location of the first one but there was no sign of the cache. It was in a nice little woodland though and we did come across a little community nature area complete with a man-made pond and a little observatory hide. The pond wasn’t looking great. There were plenty of butterflies and other bugs about, but nothing in the pond itself.

We then went for a walk up a green lane to another cache. This time we were successful in finding it. The sun was now beginning to shine and the views were improving. It was actually a lovely quiet Sunday afternoon in Mid Wales and despite getting wet feet from the grass everyone was happy. With the geocaching done, it was time for a few quick photos with my phone which allowed Morgan to be in two places at once and then off to the apiary safari.

Two places at once

Two places at once

Mid Wales Panorama

Mid Wales Panorama

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  1. Alan Cole mum says:

    Oh no, can Wales cope with 2 Morgans x

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