Creating a Workshop

Morgan was off school sick on Wednesday so I couldn’t leave the house so instead I ended up spending most of the day in the shed finding places to put my tools and creating storage contraptions to hold them all. There’s still lots to do, but it’s beginning to look like quite a usable space. I don’t think I need quite so many 5mm Allen Keys really, but they look quite cool all in a row!

Allen Keys all in a Row

Allen Keys all in a Row

I did stop for lunch with Morgan and had one of my proper omelettes – not one of these 10 seconds wonders from Saturday kitchen but a properly stacked omelette packed full of tuna, spinach, tomato, cheese, herbs, garlic, onions and mayonnaise.

A Proper Omelette

A Proper Omelette

It was then back to creating lots more tool storage in the shed, putting together some new shelving units and a little bit of painting. It’s looking good though and is filling up with stuff in the way that only sheds can.

I also changed a wheel on the wheel-barrow as the old one had developed a slight ‘issue’.



All fixed now though so I’ll at least be able to get to the beach with my windsurfing kit.

3 Responses

  1. mum says:

    Daddy’s jealous as you have more hammers than him!
    Looks like you need a bigger shed Al x

  2. Alan says:

    Yes, I’m not sure why I have quite so many hammers either… Probably because I had nowhere sensible to store them before so kept losing them and buying new ones!

    No excuse for not fixing things now that I have a ‘workshop’ though.


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