Geocaching Records – 2015

I think 2015 may have been our best year yet as far as geocaching records go.

We’ve just finished the year off with two fairly quick and easy geocaches in a very wet and muddy Penglanowen Woods near Nanteos Mansion.

None of the geocaches themselves were that notable but it’s a lovely little woodland than contains the tallest tree in Ceredigion. We wanted to do a geocache today for two reasons:

1. A Geocaching Souvenir

First is that there’s a geocaching souvenir up for grabs called “Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016”. In order to get the souvenir you have to find at least one cache on December 31st 2015, and another geocache on January 1st 2016. By finding a geocache today we have done the first half of the requirements for the souvenir.

2. Beating Our Annual Geocaching Records

Second is the fact that we were currently sat on a grand total of 150 finds for 2015. That equalled our previous annual geocaching record from the previous year (2014), so we only had to find one more to give ourselves a new record. We’ve now done that, with a grand total and new annual finds record of 152 geocaches. We managed to break our annual geocaching record on the very last day of the year.

Coed Penglanowen

We didn’t do much whilst walking around the woodland. We played pooh sticks we avoided the muddiest patches, we found the two geocaches and we took a few photos. It then started pouring with rain so we made a hasty retreat to the car for custard doughnuts.

A Record Breaking Year.

We’ve now broken quite a few records in 2015 making it one of the most successful years of geocaching for us.

  • Best Day: 40 caches in one day on 08/08/2015
  • Best Month: 106 caches in August of 2015
  • Best Year: 152 caches in 2015
  • And of course, our best annual find rate of 0.4164 caches/day

We’ve also gained ourselves 11 different souvenirs in 2015, taking our total up to 24.

Geocaching Souvenirs

Geocaching Souvenirs

ON top of all of that, the number of geocaching badges that we have has been steadily growing. When we first checked our list of badges on we had 18 badges (2 of which were gemstone level). We now have 23 badges, 4 at gemstone level. Here’s our badge haul as it was in September 2014 and as it is now in December 2015.

Lets hope with a find or two tomorrow that we start 2016 off with not only some geocache finds but a new souvenir as well. Who knows it may even be the start of some new geocaching records in 2016. I’m not sure that’ll it’ll be the start of a consecutive day streak record though as we have to get to 33 days to beat our previous record in that respect.

Here are all of our geocaching stats to date.


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