A Day for Thermal Cycling Clothes

On with the Thermal Cycling Clothes

Thermals were the order of the day for my early morning cycle ride this morning. After a few weeks of torrential rain whilst cycling early on a Sunday I was quite looking forward to the forecast of dry but very cold. So, on went my thermal long-sleeved top, thermal 3/4 length bib tights, a pair of thermal socks, a cycling jersey, a thermal jacket, some thein thermal glove liners and then a pair of gloves and a buff around my neck. It was then that I realised that although only about 1ºC outside, it was also pouring with rain. That wasn’t supposed to happen and wasn’t exactly welcomed either, but given the next few things that happened, it seemed as though it was par for the course today as it was going to be ‘one of those days’!.

One of those days.

So, with the prospect of freezing rain for our cycle ride, on went a waterproof jacket as well and I started loading up the car. As I did so, the tailgate closed, banging me on the head and shoulder and knocking me over into a muddy puddle. It hurt and I was now wet and muddy so I went back in changed my top and tried again. This time once the car was loaded I jumped in it and guess what – it wouldn’t start. That’s what I get for spending most of yesterday washing, cleaning and vacuuming it – I should have just left it dirty.

Oh well, out I got again, unloaded the car and loaded it into Anna’s car and finally managed to set off. I was now about 15 later than I had hoped to set off but as I’m always early still and time to get to Machynlleth to meet Gus. That was until I got to the end of the road and tried turning left to Machynlleth – No can do, the road was closed. I now had a 10 mile detour to make as well, through Borth (which was flooded due to the rain), along Glanfred Lane and through Talybont to where I finally got back on track and eventually made it Machynlleth, arriving dead on 6:30am, the time we are supposed to set off on our ride. At least I didn’t keep Gus waiting too long as I retold the story of may day so far, got my shoes and helmet on and built my bike.

My new front light that I bought a couple of weeks ago had decided to stop working, but luckily I had a spare and we finally set off into some light rain. The rain didn’t come to anything though and we had a dry ride out to Aberdovey, around Tonfannau to Bryncrug and back. Just shy of 40 miles on cold wet roads, but a nice ride all the same.

I then went to put my bike into Anna’s car, only to get the back hatchback door jammed shut so it wouldn’t open. Luckily I managed to get my bike in the car through the rear passenger door and finally headed off to the pool for a fairly steady swim. All followed by a coffee and then a drive home.

Once at home I sorted out my cycling kit, emptied the tumble drier and transferred clean laundry from the washing machine that I had put on before leaving the house into the tumble drier so that I could once again fill the washing maching up with my wet cycling clothes. Trouble is, the tumble drier decided to make loads of odd noises and wouldn’t work either… How much more can go wrong today, It’s still on 1:30pm and it seems as though everything I touch goes wrong so far.

Maybe I should just put some more thermals on and snuggle up on the sofa doing nothing for the rest of the day!

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  1. mum says:

    Oh dear! I think your idea of snuggling up on the sofa sounds a good one. Another day tomorrow xx

    • Alan Cole says:

      Well, we managed to source a 2nd hand tumble drier so after washing my bike, cleaning and oiling it and fixing a puncture on Morgan’s bike I spent the rest of the day ferrying Morgan to and from a friends house, driving halfway across Ceredigion to collect the tumble drier, removing the old tumble drier and replacing it with a new one. All of which of course led to lots of other chores clearing out the utility room, by which time the rest of the house was a tip! So. I’ll have a busy day tomorrow tidying and cleaning the rest of the house – So much for lounging on the sofa doing nothing = maybe one day!!!


  2. mum says:

    Just admit it Al, you’d hate lounging about !

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