Jaffa-Caching and the Signs of Spring

Well, that’s the first day of the Half Term off to a good start.

My parents left after their weekend visit at around 10am, so Morgan and I headed over to the beach with his remote control monster truck. It was cold, windy and deserted on the beach, but the skies were blue, the sun was out and it was a lovely crisp winters day. We noticed that there is a new little footpath developing through the dunes to replace the one that got washed away in the storms. We therefore took a stroll along that, admiring the views of the beach as we went. We might be able to see these views everyday but we never tire of them and can’t help taking photos of them either.

We then played with Morgan’s remote control monster truck. Setting little obstacle courses and challenges for each other until the batteries wore down.

Quite how Morgan can see where he is driving the car half the time though I don’t know. This is what I call an unruly ‘Surfer Dude’ hairstyle – Nice one Morgan!

Surf Dude Hair Style

Surf Dude Hair Style

We then headed home, checked on the bees and removed one of the mouse guards. The bees were trying to get out to fly but it seemed to be restricting them somewhat. We then had a quick lunch before heading out once again for a geocaching trip. We were up to 395 finds so were hoping to reach the 400 finds milestone today.

We drove into Bow Street and parked in Bryn Castell and headed off along a footpath that I had been on before. I’d never been all the way long it though. It heads up into the hills behind Bow Street and the first of the caches wasn’t far from the road. The caches we were doing were those in the ‘Bow Street Circular’ series hidden by N!tro. I could describe the series to you but the description N!tro has written on the caches covers it well, so here it is:

The Bow Street Circular is a series of 11 caches that go around the hillside to the left of the village and give stunning views around the mountains to the east.

On a clear day you can see the wind farms as well as a number of mountians and if you are lucky Snowdonia to the north. The walk goes along a marked route, but you will have to climb styles, open AND CLOSE gates, and dodge live stock.

It is suitable for kids, I took my 7 and 4 year olds out on a walk to place this series and it took around 2 hours, and my pedometer logged around 4 miles.

There is a castle at the top of the hill near the cache; ‘enter the woods’ is a field up the bank that used to have a motte and bailey castle on the site, although it does appear to be entirely ruined now.

The route took us along some muddy paths with views out over Bow Street and the hills behind and then north towards the hills of southern Snowdonia.

There were signs of spring all around. The sun was in the sky, there were lambs in the fields, frogspawn in the puddles and crocuses in the hedgerows.

We managed to lose our pen after the third or fourth cache though so were then unable to signs the logbooks. We did take photos of each of the caches to show the cache owner though to prove that we were there so hopefully that’ll be OK. So, just a warning, there may be spoilers in some of these photos. The caches were all easy to find though and spaced at about 0.1 mile intervals which certainly kept us busy and entertained – The perfect little cache series really.  We treated ourselves to a Jaffa Cake after every other cache to keep us going.

The path took us up over the hill then down through a steep woodland into Llandre. Once out on the road there were two final caches along the roadside, but unfortunately we were unable to find these. Not to worry though, we had found the previous 9 so were now up to a grand total of 404 finds.

The whole route didn’t take too long and I think we’ve found another nice local walk for the Scouts to do sometime soon.. Hopefully I’ll be able to sign those logbooks that we were without pen for too.


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  1. mum says:

    Glad you managed to get him out, he doesn’t realise how lucky he to live where he does..once out it looks like he enjoyed himself

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