Open Water Swim Season

Open water swim season has officially started again for me… A little later than usual and I’m not sure if that’s because it’s been an unseasonably cold Spring or just that I’m getting soft as I age.

However, with a race that includes an open water swim looming in less than 2 weeks I was determined to get in for a swim. I’m fine with open water swimming but still wanted at least one session in my wetsuit before the race. I did plan on going in over the weekend but that never quite happened so I arranged to swim this morning instead. A nice early start was the idea so as to give me less time to think up excuses for it. The day dawned perfectly as well. No wind, clear blue skies and as the sun rose above the hills to the east Michael and I got ready for a swim.

The air temperature had risen from a minimum of 1.6°C to 2.6°C and the sea temperature was 8.1°C – Not warm by any stretch of the imagination but we were now in our wetsuits and walking across the freezing sands so there was no turning back. It was of course fairly cold and uncomfortable to start with once in the water, but some fast swimming soon warmed us up a little and we stayed in for 22 minutes. By the end I was actually feeling OK.

The worst part was trying to get my frozen fingers to hold onto my door key and operate the lock in order to get back into the house. I’m glad I went out though and will have to do so at least once more before my race on May 12th. Sitting here now writing this and thawing out I feel quite invigorated.

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