Open Water Swimming in Aberystwyth

I had a meeting to attend on the seafront in Aberystwyth yesterday so thought it would be rude not to go for a little swim first. Before getting in I had a little chat with Tommy who was life-guarding, left my clothes and such like in the lifeguard tower and set off for a lovely little swim around the bay.

There was no wind at all so the water was calm with some small swell rolling in just to remind you that you were in the sea. There was already someone else out swimming – this turned out to be Alison but I didn’t realise that at the time so I just swam straight out to a buoy at the end of Pier Rocks. The water was pretty murky so I couldn’t see anything underwater, but there were a few buoys lined up along the edge of the bay so I turned north and swam past these, towards the end of Bath Rocks. I then turned right again and back towards the beach.

According to my training plan I was supposed to be doing 2x 100om at Race Pace today so I had my Garmin Forerunner 910XT set to auto-lap at 1000m. It beeped and vibrated at me on the way back towards the beach so I eased up from here as I swam back to the shore. I then did the same again, out to and around the buoys at race pace for 1000m before easing up for a bit.

Graham then joined me so I did a couple of laps between the rocks with him. Then as I got out, Tommy got in hoping to join me for a swim as well. I’d had enough by now so I left him to swim up and down with Graham instead. This was follwed by coffee and cake from PD’s Diner on the seafront and the metting I was supposed to be at. Not a bad little swim and a nice GPS track from it too.

Open Water Swim in Aberystwyth

Open Water Swim in Aberystwyth

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