Borth Coastal Defence Scheme Progress

I’ve just been looking at the weekly reports from BAM Nuttall on the progress of the Borth Coastal Defence Scheme and all seems to be progressing well.

  • Groyne 1: is complete
  • Groyne 2: is complete
  • Breakwater 1: Not Started
  • Breakwater 2: The majority of the toe armour is complete with the toe armour to finish off, this is waiting to be finished when it’s not suitable to work on the causeway.
  • Temporary Causeway: The causeway is largely complete to the end of the northern reef
  • North Reef: Work is continuing on the northern reef at low tides with rock being placed in layers by GPS controlled machines
  • South Reef: Not Started
  • Shingle Nourishment Material: Further replacement has been brought in and is currently being stockpiled (80% Replacement and 50% Rounded)
  • Shingle Nourishment Placement: Replacement and filling has continued just north of Groyne 2 to be returned to.
  • Other: A Maritime exclusion zone is now in place around the reef and causeway, marked by the yellow special markers.

The Temporary Causeway is the most evident feature on the beach at the moment, especially as you come down the hill into Borth from the coast road. There are lots of photos here. The causeway is only a temporary feature though that will help them build the reefs that they should be starting work on soon.

Weekly Progress Reports

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