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My fitness drive continues and last night I went to some training sessions with the Cerist Triathlon Club in Machynlleth. I used to do Triathlons years ago… I think it is probably close to 20 years since I’ve done one though and things have changed quite a bit since then. My fitness levels have decreased considerably as my age has increased and the fitness of other triathletes has increased.

Still, so as not to be on my own I went with Dave who I used to swim with at University about 15 years ago for moral support. The first session was a little odd as it was a group turbo trainer session. This meant dismantling my Tacx Flow Turbo Trainer and bike, putting it in the car and then reassembling it in a meeting room in the leisure centre, along with about 12 other like-minded people.

I was a little worried that my bike would look like an antique and in some ways it did. At about 20 years old it was probably the oldest bike there and it didn’t have ‘fancy’ gadgets such as indexed gears but for a turbo trainer it was fine. At least my turbo trainer was relatively new. Dave has recently bought the same turbo trainer as me and isn’t used to it yet so I was helping him with some of the functions too.

The idea of the group session is that a coach tells you what to do and the workout involved a couple of technique drills and a couple of main aerobic endurance sets. As it was my first time with these people I took it relatively easy so as not to over exert myself. It was Ok though and I guess next time I’ll try a bit harder. It is all a bit of a pfaff getting the kit there, setting it up and dismantling it afterwards, especially seeing as I can, (and do) do exactly the same sorts of workouts at home anyway. I’ll probably go a few more times just to see what else they have planned before deciding if it is worth the time and effort.

I then jumped into the swimming pool with them, and a few other people for a swim session which was fine too.

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