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Lots of posts end up in the general category – it’s often not the best place for them, but if we forget to assign them to a category this is where they’ll be. I guess really ALL posts should go into the general category.

Archaeopteryx Exhibition 2

Archaeopteryx in Aberystwyth

Would you believe it, after all these years (150 million or so to be accurate!) Archaeopteryx is in Aberystwyth. Archaeopteryx, which had a 1m (3.2ft) wing span, is believed to be the link between prehistoric dinosaurs and the modern bird. It’s fossil, one of only 12 found is being displayed in the Old College from 14...

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Intriguing Label 1

I do Worry about our Friends Sometimes

Thought I’d share a Christmas present label that had us intrigued. As you can imagine we had been wondering what this could be for a while. All was revealed on Christmas Day when we opened this. Maybe I don’t have such a dirty mind after all – It looks like a loaf of bread to me! If...

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Minor damage 0

Insane Insurance

Whilst on my way to a cyclo-cross race recently someone accidentally hit my car. It was all at slow speed so don’t panic, everyone was fine! I was just heading up the hill out of Borth. The other driver was pulling out of a blind alley to the left which has waist high walls to either...

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Love Aber Pumpkin 0

Love Aber Pumpkin

We may live and learn in an exceptional environment. We may love Aber and the surrounding area. Anna and I may both work at the University. However, I think using one of the Universities ‘Love Aber’ slogans and symbols for our Halloween pumpkin art is taking things just a little too far!

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Parkin 2


This is Parkin.  He’s not our cat but he has been hanging around our house for quite a while.  He’s always very timid and just looks like he would like a decent meal so we started feeding him alongside Robbie (our cat) whenever he turned up. Recently we hadn’t seen him for a while and...

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Inputted 0

Incorrect Input

Is it just me, or does this annoy you as well:   “you have inputted” Surely that’s not right?! In my mind, ‘input’ is a variation of the verb  ‘to put’ and the past tense of put is put, so the past tense of input should be input. “I shall put my foot in it...

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